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Voices on the Border (Voices) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting just and sustainable development in the Lower Lempa region of Usulután, and Comunidad Segundo Montes (CSM) in the mountains of Morazán (read more…).


Voices on the Border has several ongoing projects. The bulk of our activities are organized within a Grassroots Resource Center, which has two programs – a Civil Society Training Center and a Research Institute. Voices also Provides a limited number of small grants to our Salvadoran partners, supports efforts to preserve historical memory, and much more (read more…).

Get Involved… Delegations and Volunteering

Members of the 2014 South Bay Sanctuary Covenant Delegation and Voices on the Border Staff in San Salvador

Voices on the Borders is uniquely positioned to host delegations and volunteers in El Salvador. Each year we host a limited number of delegations from the U.S. to El Salvador so that participants can experience first hand life in rural El Salvador and become involved in the ongoing struggle for social justice. Similarly, we host a small number of long-term volunteers – people who live in our partner communities and support various projects (read more…).

Voices’ US and Salvadoran Partners

Since repatriation and the signing of the Peace Accords the early 1990’s, Voices has facilitated several partner relationships between communities in the U.S. and their counterparts in El Salvador. In addition to these strong, historic relationships, Voices partners with many communities in Morazán and Usulután (read more…).

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Voices on the Border is a nonprofit organization that accompanies rural communities in El Salvador as they struggle for social and economic justice and sustainability