Maria is a hardworking teacher in the Centro Escolar Caserio Lempa Mar, a k-9 school that serves students from 7 neighboring communities. She teaches five subject to 4th, 5th and 6th graders and is often called to substitute teach.

Sounds like a lot? Well, Maria is no stranger to hard work.

When she was just a teenager, she labored on sugarcane fields with her father and brothers and on a chicken farm, in order to put herself through high school. After graduation, she kept working to financially support her parents and younger siblings and eventually she began a family of her own which meant her dreams of higher education had to be put on hold.

Maria began teaching in the community school because they lacked a teacher. She uses the Popular Education model and does an amazing job. But because she lacks a teaching license she only gets paid $100 per month. 

Last December, Maria got accepted to the University of El Salvador’s 2020 Distance Learning Program (PADUES) with hopes to get her teaching degree. VOICES is committed to providing her with the living wage that she is not entitled to by the Ministry of Education so that she can support her family and afford her university studies.

By making a donation you can support our efforts to help make Maria’s dream to continue on to university a reality.