Promoting Food Sovereignty


TITLE: Promoting Food Sovereignty through Sustainable Family Farms
HOST: Voices on the Border
DATE: May Friday 15, 2020
TIME: 5:00PM–6:20PM(CST)
HOW: Zoom (with english interpretation)


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Now more than ever, families need to strive for multifunctional sustainability that meets their economic, ecologic and social needs without compromising the needs of future generations, all while maintaining the integrity of their ethics, land and communities.

We will focus on small-scale sustainable agroecological food production.

The Webinar Promoting Food Sovereignty through Sustainable Family Farms will be led by a panel of community experts with proven success, who’ll share their experiences and provide practical advice on alternatives that are: Multifunctional, Intergenerational, Diverse, Sustainable, Intentional and Organic.


Yaneth Marquez
Youth Advocate and Nutritionista Popular
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Youth and their Families

Yaneth Marquez is a school administrator at Amun Shea in Perquin, a school “solving the underdevelopment of northern Morazán.” She is also an active current member of the board of the extraordinary Youth Development Association of Morazán (AJUDEM). She runs AJUDEM’s popular nutrition school, teaching young people organic cooking and families small-scale farming.

Miguel Ventura
Socio-cultural Activist and Organizer
The Impacts of COVID19 on Food Sovereignty in El Salvador

When Miguel Ventura was governor of Morazán, many great things were accomplished. As an important historical figure in Latin America’s base Christian church communities, he is incredibly knowledgeable and a voice of reason. Currently, he an official promoter for the National University of El Salvador (UES), working to establish a satellite campus in Morazán.

Evelyn Romero
Pioneer of the Women’s Movement
Sustainable Food Security, a Step Towards Women’s Empowerment

Evelyn Romero is a progressive catechist who promotes radical rural feminism as the leader of the Citizen Network of Morazán Women (RCMM). The Network promotes the rights of women through education, awareness raising, organizing and a crisis accompaniment program for women and their families. Evelyn is a lover of nature and has two very large, beautiful gardens farms of her own.





Food Sovereignty is “the right of the world’s peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced in an ecological and sustainable way, and the right to define their own farming and food systems” (UPA and FAO 2014).