VOICES ON THE BORDER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that accompanies rural communities and partners in El Salvador as they struggle for social and economic justice and sustainability

We work in two parts of El Salvador –  in the mountains of Northern Morazán and the Bajo Lempa and San Juan del Gozo regions of Usulután. Our ties with these communities date back to 1987 when Voices began providing political and material support to refugees living in a camp in Colomoncagua, Honduras. We also do extensive political and social advocacy work in San Salvador, the country’s capital.

Our Salvadoran partners articulate a few common goals: food security, environmental integrity, cultural preservation and a meaningful voice in the political process. Unfortunately, these communities face a myriad of obstacles including neoliberal economic policies, pressures to exploit natural resources, and public health issues like a renal failure epidemic.

Voices’ activities are designed to assist communities achieve their goals. In 2015, we developed a Grassroots Resource Center with significant input from our partners that builds local capacity and provides the information necessary to protect local interests and achieve community goals. Voices also has a small grant program that funds community activities and projects that would otherwise go unfunded.

Voices is a small organization, but our strength lies in our history, experienced staff, knowledge of El Salvador, close relationships with our Salvadoran partners, and willingness to look beyond traditional development paradigms.

Please consider becoming a donor. Our overhead is small, allowing your contributions to go where they matter most – the people and projects contributing to the peace building efforts of El Salvador!

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