Voices began in 1987 by providing material and political support for the 10,000 refugees in Colomoncagua, Honduras during the Salvadoran civil war. When the refugees began repatriating in November 1989, we accompanied them home where they settled in Ciudad Segundo Montes in Northern Morazán. As other refugees returned from camps in Nicaragua and Panama, our local partners asked that we help them resettle in the Lower Lempa of Usulután.

We have continued accompanying our Salvadoran partners for the past 30 years, responding to their needs and priorities, facilitating partnerships with U.S. communities and other international organizations, advocating for justice and equality, and informing U.S. citizens of the realities in El Salvador.


Voices’ mission is to promote just and sustainable development in El Salvador. We envision Salvadoran partner communities in which local, national, and international stakeholders work together in a transparent and participatory manner to:

  • Further local economic and social development goals
  • Increase access to government services
  • Ensure equity, justice and autonomy
  • Contribute to the global struggle for social justice and equality for all people


1. We believe that true accompaniment relationships require on-the-ground perspectives from an ongoing presence.

2. Social justice is only possible when development is based on equality, civic participation, and local control.

3. Local control means answering to the communities first, and allowing them to hold outsiders accountable.

4. Empowered communities should have access to information about policies and initiatives that affect their well being.

5. Voices Salvadoran partners are peers in a global struggle to promote social justice and sustainable development.

Our Teamourteam_jose

José Acosta joined Voice’s team as Field Director in January 2013. He came to Voices from the Center for Applied Technology (CESTA) where he served as project coordinator for 19 years. In 2017, he became Voice’s Executive Director. José earned advanced degrees in Social Work and Popular Education from the Lutheran University, where he subsequently taught for five years. Though he is originally from a rural community in the Salvadoran province of Santa Ana, he has worked in the Bajo Lempa region of Usulután for more than 15 years.

Ebony also joined Voice’s team back in August, 2013 as our field volunteer in Morazán. Ebony has over 15 years of experience working for social justice through program development, coordination and outreach, communication and crisis counseling in both New York and California. Ebony is certified in popular education, sexual and reproductive health education, training for change, survivor counseling and advocacy. Ebony is in charge of developing and running programs along with the communications of the organization.

Our BoardOur Team_board

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5614 Connecticut Ave Nw, #103
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El Salvador
Jardines de Miramonte
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U.S. +001 202 271 5881
E.S. +503 2261 2352

Many of our Board Members have been in solidarity with the Salvadoran people for the past 30 years, and due to our small in-country staff size – they really are the backbone to our organization.

Michael Terry (President)
John Ramsey (Vice President)
Rebecca Walker Marquez (Treasurer)
Solange Muller (Secretary)
Julie Hutton
Lindsey Crifasi
Daniel Burridge
Sheryl Sherwin 
Betsy Shepard

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