Monthly Giving Program

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Our Monthly Giving Program which we’ve affectionally dubbed the “Golden Pupusa Circle” allows our supporters to spread the financial impact of their giving across the entire year, ensuring that VOICES is able to reach it’s long term goals.



DSC_0412The Women’s Network of Morazan is a space where women fight for a better life through collaboration and trainings. This is a permanent space for meetings, workshops and events that motivate and inspire women. Generally they meet every month and to be able to participate they have to travel by bus from the surrounding community to the meeting space. During meetings coffee and meals are served, all this costing approximately $10 per participant.

With $10/month we can help a woman community leader to be trained and participate actively in the fight for their rights.
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High quality education is a huge challenge, and even more so during COVID 19 times. The Minister of Education has trained 7000 teachers on how to use online platforms for students who in reality have no access to internet to be able to participate in their online classes. This reality is even more worrying in rural communities. The cost of monthly internet service and a modem is $15.

With a donation of $15 you can help students continue their education.
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44 families live in the Monte Cristo community. Historically they have obtained their water through wells that were already not very deep. And in the last two years the well water has started turning briny and salty. At this time, they have started to transport water from the nearby community La Pita, each week bringing 1500 gallons. Each family pays 10 cents per gallon. One family consumes 150 gallons of water per month. This situation has a major impact on the family economy, considering the severity of the poverty in that community.

Voices is helping to find alternatives to mitigate this problem, however a donation of $15/month would significantly help a family.
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IMG_3960In the communities in the Bajo Lempa, kids between the ages of 3 and 6 attend the Child Development Center. The kids receive a plate of food each day, to which the government contributes $1 a day per kid. But the government only supports a certain amount of children. For example, in the Amando Lopez community there are 47 kids enrolled but the government only contributes for meals for 35 kids. The school is covering the costs by soliciting the families already strapped during these hard economic times, other NGOs or they decrease the meal size for each kid.

With your donation of $20/month you can pay for the nutrition for a kid in need.
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