By size it’s the smallest country in Latin America, and by population it’s the most dense as well, housing not only it’s people but a ton of history and culture.

US Partners

A small, dedicated group of U.S. partners has been dedicated to accompanying Salvadoran communities since the mid-1980’s. In truth, Voices would not exist without these communities.

South Bay Sanctuary Covenant
Palo Alto, CA

St. John of God Catholic Church
San Francisco, CA

Association of War Wounded in Morazán (ALGES)

ALGES of Morazán is one of the more active and sustainable organizations Voices works with, providing services to those wounded during El Salvador’s civil war. In addition to advocating for the rights of veterans, ALGES organizes agricultural and other economic development projects to ensure their members can generate an income. They have also provided a variety of psychological services to help former combatants manage posttraumatic stress disorder.

Pastoral Team of Ciudad Segundo Montes

The Pastoral Team is in charge of managing the non-denominational Temple (community church) in Ciudad Segundo Montes. The congregation was and is based on the principles of liberation theology and Voices has known most of the members of its’ members since they were refugees in Colomoncagua. In addition to taking care of the Temple, offering religious services, facilitating educational programs and hosting community events the Pastoral Team has even worked on a Historical Memory project to preserve the region’s important history. Pastoral

Morazán Women’s Citizen Network (RCMM)


The Morazán Women’s Network is based out of Osicala, Morazán yet serves the 13 municipalities in the department. It’s mission is to contribute to the process of building full citizenship that leads to the empowerment, control and full knowledge of the human rights of women in all areas of life through gender training, life skills, economic autonomy and self determination all aimed at achieving equity of genre. de Morazán

Open House Association (OSCA)

Six years ago a group of youth in Ciudad Segundo Montes (CSM) founded the Open House Social Organization (OSCA) – a civil service youth group that is open to all youth no matter their political, religious, or social affiliations. Over the years, OSCA has organized youth leadership workshops, held community events and hosted exchanges with youth from around El Salvador. In 2017, along with other local youth groups, OSCA fought for and won the demand for the national university to open a satellite campus in Morazán. Morazán

Youth Mission Social Organization (OSMIJ)

OSMIJ is a youth group based in Cacaopera, an indigenous community in the mountains of Northern Morazán. The youth in OSMIJ organize community events to raise awareness about a variety of issues including the impacts of climate change, reproductive health, and many others. They hold regular workshops on youth leadership, conserve their indigenous culture and are active in community development processes. They work with over 300 young people and seniors citizens in Meanguera, Jocoaitique and Perquin and form part of the local youth network and movements. Cacaopera

Morazán Youth Development Association (AJUDEM)

AJUDEM is Voices’ newest partner in Morazán. AJUDEM is voluntarily led by a small group of young people blessed with social, artistic, cultural and popular education skills and deeply committed to creating a fairer and more equitable society. They offer cultural performances, workshops, alternative sports, camps, mobile health brigades and educational events. Morazán

Partner Communities

Northern Morazán

  • Ciudad Segundo Montes
  • Cacaopera
  • Osicala


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