The Women’s Network of Morazán (RCMM) was constituted in 2010, as a result of the strategic planning of Morazán’s Political Government; which included a vision of development based on changing the reality of more than half of the population; women.
It started by calling on the associations of women who have been working historically in the department like: the Communal Association of Women of Morazán (ACMM), the Association for the Integral Development of Women (ADIM), and NGOs that have programs for women and female cooperationists.
The arduous organizational work these women perform originates from a historical journey in the department of Morazán, during and after the armed conflict. For example, the Communal Association of Women of Morazán (ACMM) was born in 1990 with women from northern Morazán analyzing the lifestyle of rural women with indignation, so they proposed to improve the conditions of women, through trainings on gender, interfamily violence, self-esteem and leadership. Later, they obtained their legal status in 1997 and have since worked for the defense of women’s rights. They joined the Network and currently work with women’s groups in five municipalities in Morazán.

In 2015, we formally began a partnership with RCMM and supported their awareness raising campaign that culminated with their Women’s Day march through the streets of Morazán’s capital city.Since then, we have provided organizational support such as funding a meeting space and facilitating workshops.

Currently, the Network is composed of women from different backgrounds, from different municipalities of the department of Morazán, representing: Municipal Councils, City Hall Women’s Units, Cooperatives, Grassroots Christian groups, War Veterans, Disabled war veterans, Communal Organizations, Artisans, Farmers and Feminist Organizations. They are leaders, mostly campesinos, housewives, with low levels of formal education and financial resources, who survive on agriculture, informal work, raising animals and making handicrafts. Despite these limitations, they are very committed to the cause of eradicating the subordination and oppression of women in the department through the following activities.

  • Organizational strengthening at the municipal and departmental levels
  • Developing training processes that promote female leadership
  • Influencing the different instances of the state to respond to the needs of women
  • Sensitizing the participation of women in decision-making positions and increasing the presence of women representing the different municipalities
  • Developing training processes that promote female leadership
  • Counseling and accompaniment for women who face situations of violence
  • Forming alliances with other groups for the prevention of violence
  • Developing the economic empowerment of women through different sustainable economic initiatives
  • Strengthening leadership, gender and feminist awareness
  • Developing joint processes and articulation of women’s organizations to promote proposals in defense of their rights

2018 PROJECT: Community Action Protocol
In response to the disturbing rates of domestic and sexual violence directed at women and girls in Morazán, a core group of 35 of RCMM’s leaders will develop a community response plan and then train the community how to use it.