By size it’s the smallest country in Latin America, and by population it’s the most dense as well, housing not only it’s people but a ton of history and culture.

US Partners

A small, dedicated group of U.S. partners has been dedicated to accompanying Salvadoran communities since the mid-1980’s. In truth, Voices would not exist without these communities.

South Bay Sanctuary Covenant
Palo Alto, CA

St. John of God Catholic Church
San Francisco, CA

Association of the United Communities of the Bajo Lempa (ACUDESBAL)

One of ACUDESBAL's first Board of Directors (c. 1999)
One of ACUDESBAL’s first Board of Directors (1999)

One of Voices’ closest partners is the Association of the United Communities of the Bajo Lempa, a non-profit organization based in the Bajo Lempa region of Jiquilisco, Usulután. ACUDESBAL focuses on five strategic areas: institutional strengthening, food sovereignty, infrastructure and legalization of land, health and environment, recreation and sports. They help communities plan and implement sustainable solutions to their development issues.

Association of Beneficiaries of Potable Water of the Rural Area of Tonacatepeque (ABAZORTO)

ABAZORTO, an association that manages the water resources in Tonacatepeque. ABAZORTO is one of El Salvador’s leading advocates on water rights and an important member of MOVIAC, the Movement of Victims Affected by Climate Changes and Corporations.

Association of Mangrove Communities for the Defense of Land (ACOMADET)

Voices’ other grassroots’ partner is ACOMADET, which was just founded in May of 2014. ACOMADET is comprised of 11 communities in the Bajo Lempa and San Juan del Gozo Peninsula regions of Usulután that came together to protect the mangrove forests upon which they depend for their survival.

Association for Integral Development in the Bajo Lempa (ADIBAL)

Based out of Amando Lopez in the Bajo Lempa, ADIBAL promotes campesino (farmer) culture through organic farming and sustainable technologies. ADIBAL is a leader in advocating for the rights of people in the region and has been a close partner for many years.

Partner Communities

Bajo Lempa of Jiquilisco, Usulután

  • Amando Lopez
  • Octavio Ortiz (aka La Canoa)
  • La Tirana
  • Nueva Esperanza


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