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Name: Joseal Adonay López Cruz
Level: Technical Bachelors Degree
Career: Accounting
Duration:  3 Years (2017–2020)
School: National Technical Institute “Pablo Tesak ”
Location:  San Juan del Gozo, Jiquilisco, Usulután
Total Award:  $3,600

Adonay’s journey has been an uphill battle. He is from El Chile, a small, close-knit community nestled along the majestic, endangered mangrove forests of the San Juan del Gozo Peninsula where residents generally grow small livestock, harvest clams, fish, or farm lands outside of their community. His father, Manuel is a local community leader, agricultural worker and crab fisherman and his mother is a homemaker who spends all day in tasks in and around the house.

VOICES has supported the communities of the Lower Lempa River region by assisting them during natural disasters, in the struggle to legally acquire their lands and by raising awareness about the community’s efforts to protect El Salvador’s natural resources.


Our Young Scholars Program offers annually renewable needs-based scholarships, for young people in our partner communities who demonstrate strength of character, leadership potential and a commitment to improving their communities. These scholarships are comprehensive and pay toward the costs of tuition and fees, meals, books, supplies, transportation and miscellaneous educational expenses. Students must be enrolled in accredited academic or vocational programs and intend to complete their program within adequate time. The total amount of these scholarships can range from $500 to $5,000 and is unique to each Young Scholar. All excess donations made to a specific scholar will pay toward the costs of the scholar’s continuing education or vocational goals.

The objective of this program is to transform the dream of higher education into a practical reality. Voices will help with college preparation and applications, resumes and job placement and whatever else a Young Scholar might need to help go to college, get a degree, and use their education to make a better world.

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